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Kangunex Connection: God’s Provision in Lean Seasons

What do your mentee’s unused wedding shoes, an MPESA message from the leader of a prayer group and Kangunex  Parcel Services all have in common? It’s the mystery of God’s provision in COVID times! Simply put, the God of all creation, who takes care of sparrows, grass and flowers of the field, and all the scavengers in Dandora dumpsite, also knows you. Taimajini! He knows different kinds of numbers too: the number of holes in your pockets; the number of hairs on your head–whatever shade of black you have; the number of mouths in your household; the number of kilos of Unga they need consume to stay alive, and, of course, your MPESA number. And he knows the Huduma Number of  every raven in His parcel delivery system, since the original bird in the Elijah story (1 Ki. 15:1-6).

Last month, I came to affirm that God still uses this system, and in rather interesting ways.

On the material day, my father-in-law called me: Had I not seen his message? Apparently, he had sent it to my Green Card number. At the time, I had temporarily redeployed Mr. Green to secret service mashinani, under the phone battery. Please understand me; I am a reasonable pragmatist. My heart is willing, but my wallet is wilting. Needless to say, when the spoon meets the plate, I get worried that data bundles are becoming the main course on the household menu! Who wants that? Things get very emotional there, you see. Thus, I have decided to let sleeping dogs lie, unless, of course, brother Ndegwa and his lieutenants in Westlands give me a reason to visit the MPESA lady.

So, when I did eventually get my father-in-law’s  message, guess what? It was the receipt for a package sent days earlier, all the way from Mwala with love! This is where Kangunex comes into the story. Believe me, what our heavenly Father supplied through our dad was so much more than a gorogoro of daily manna. Well into the second month, our grateful intestines are still being entertained by the contents of that generous gift hamper!

But there was more in God’s bag of surprises.

In the same week, I  acquired a new pair of shoes from a mentee and friend, and some elegant earphones by a church member. Were I to buy these now, it would have necessitated a serious cabinet meeting with my wife for a stimulus package! But the crowning act of this avalanche of God’s goodness came one evening in the subsequent days, through the leader of a prayer group I know. On behalf of her team, she ‘shook up’ my MPESA account in a significant manner. I was moved by her disclosure that following a prayer session, God had impressed on them to ‘greet’ the servant of the Lord with a ‘packet of sugar.’ To not do so, she said, would be disobedience!

These events took me on a high speed memory train back to Nyeri, 9 years ago. On that occasion, the Holy Spirit had arrested me with an inescapable conviction to meet the need of a certain orphaned girl and her guardian auntie. It was a tough call. God was asking me to gamble with my dowry cash, as I was preparing to get married then!  But He would later amaze me on that front. To cut to the chase, I withdrew some 24K, and took the envelope to the lady and her niece. That was when I realized it. God was answering the prayers of a little 9 year old orphan, who had earlier that week asked Him to send them an angel. Now, forget about those cute angels of Bible story books. Right then, God had recruited a needy, rugged raven into his angelic service for that special occasion! In that unforgettable, emotionally-charged moment, with goosebumps all over my skin, and  tears dripping unrestrained from the eyes of my hosts, I knew we were on holy ground.  The Father of the fatherless was right there, affirming His compassion to an orphan girl, who had scarcely had anything to eat, with a looming expulsion from school for fees arrears!

Taking  all this into account, I now see Elijah’s experience with a new set of eyes. Indeed, long before Uber Eats and Glovo, the Royal Raven Courier Services existed! God deployed them to serve Elijah steak and boflo from the kitchens of heaven (1 Ki. 17:1-6)!  And when the Raven contract ended, the Widow of Zarepath was recruited to take care of the man of God (1 Ki. 17:7-16). What a choreography of divine care! But, how can we connect with this? There are three lessons we can learn about God’s provision in our current economic drought.

Firstly, God wants us to acknowledge our reality of need,  and have the humility to receive help–in all manner of ways. We need to accept that in times of calamity, no one is totally immune from the tentacles of hardship and material limitations. There is no shame in neediness. Even mighty, miracle working, supersonic men of God like Elijah felt the bite of famine! Personally, I have found it very liberating to accept that needing help is integral to our humanity. We are creatures bound up in perpetual dependence on God, who sometimes mediates his help through ravens, fellow needy people, and yes, Kangunex! So, toa lock and don’t let  pride lock you out of God’s relief services!

Secondly, we learn that God is more than able to take care of us during lean seasons, such as COVID times. At his sovereign command, anything can be OHMS: On His Majesty’s Service! This, more than anything, should inspire in us an attitude of trust and dependency on God, who works in mysterious ways to meet our needs.

Thirdly, God wants us to become willing agents of blessing for others in dire straits, whenever such need arises. We must remember that both the Raven and the Widow of Zarepath were caught up in the fellowship of masafara! But–the Raven did not eat the relief food or divert it to River-Road, and the Widow  had to take a risk of faith. God knows all the segemnege that COVID has shown our pockets, yet still prevails on us to act in obedience! That is what I had to learn at a time of great personal need 9 years ago, and continue to do so now. Here is the deal, though. When God leads us to exercise our faith in such acts of ‘painful’ generosity, we can rest in the confidence that the jar of flour and the flask of oil will not run out! Indeed, such generosity unlocks the storehouses of heaven,  precisely so because “God is able to bless you abundantly so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work” (2 Cor. 9:8).

So, will you trust God to take care of you?

And can He count on your generosity in this season?


19 thoughts on “Kangunex Connection: God’s Provision in Lean Seasons”

  1. Cathryn says:

    A tough call in these COVID times but am challenged to be a willing agent of blessing!

    1. samuel maina says:

      This is very reassuring and challenging. As I “toa lock” may the Lord help me to also be a willing agent of blessing for others and to respond in obedience when led to do so. Thank you QNA

      1. Peris Kihu says:

        Well put. Thanks Pastor Kiuna for “shouting” on the roof tops about God’s faithfulness and provision in lean times. All glory to God!
        On being a blessing, someone said that you can never be poor by being generous. The Bible is clear in Proverbs 11:25 “A generous man will prosper, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. “

      2. Simon Mwangi says:

        A very insightful piece. I know the faithfulness of God in this season firsthand. Thanks

  2. Julie says:

    Wow. A wonderful challenge to acknowledge the need to seek help, believe that God can take care of all our needs and accept to be a blessing to others

  3. Joseph Konye says:

    An erudite and incisive portrayal of present times made great by a healthy dose of humour and made even greater by the lessons contained within… Kudos bro.. Great writing..

  4. Isaiah Mbithi says:

    Thanks and continue with the good work. Enlightening and challenging.

  5. Milka says:

    Yes i will trust in the provision from the heavenly storehouse! That never runs out! Our part is to store our treasures there n watch God take care of us!

    1. Mercy Waithira says:

      Thanks Kiuna for great piece. You have such a flair for language and writing … Thanks for the timely reminder to rest in God and trust Him for our daily bread but be willing agents of His provision towards others.

      To God be the glory who has graciously continued to entertain our intestines during this season.

    2. Mercy Waithira says:

      Thanks Kiuna for this great piece. You have such a flair for language and writing … Thanks for the timely reminder to rest in God and trust Him for our daily bread but be willing agents of His provision towards others.

      To God be the glory who has graciously continued to entertain our intestines during this season.

  6. Grace konye says:

    This is so powerful. Trusting God to take care of me.

  7. Charles Mbithi says:

    Wow. Profound. Thanks Kiuna for sharing.

  8. Too says:

    Wow! A challenge to rest assured God cares for us. And that our faith is substance.

  9. Maggie Mutua. says:

    Humorous yet so profound!
    It’s a great call to trust God for provision and to respond in obedience as His agents.
    Thank you Kiuna !

  10. Joyce Koki says:

    Wow..thanks for this reminder to depend solely on God all the time

  11. Donnah says:

    Hi Kiuna, very profound indeed.

    Unfortunately sometimes we don’t see Gods provision and involvement in our day today endeavors. My God help me to an agent of blessings.

  12. Doreen Giku says:

    Thanks Pastor Kiuna, for the great insight. Indeed our God is faithful.

  13. Evans says:

    For readers of Chinua Achebe’s literary work, “OHMS” means “Our Home Made Stuff” in his book “A man of the People”. Your piece just reminded me of an act of generosity which a domestic servant extended to a man of stature, an Oga, with OHMS coffee just to be rebuked that he had intensions of killing this noble man who was only used to Nescafe’! May God give us the humility to accept the help extended to us, but more so to share with others what we have.

  14. Jacob Gathuita says:

    Thanks Kiuna, a great piece delivered in your usual sense of humour and imagery.

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