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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Kangunex Connection: God’s Provision in Lean Seasons

What do your mentee’s unused wedding shoes, an MPESA message from the leader of a prayer group and Kangunex  Parcel Services all have in common? It’s the mystery of God’s provision in COVID times! Simply put, the God of all creation, who takes care of

Never Run Alone: Why You Need a Partner

You will never walk alone! Easier said than done, right? Liverpool fans know this better than most of us–especially following their recent thrashing by Man City. Let’s not go into the painful post-match analysis here, shall we? My only humble submission is that what these

Long Live Mama Githurai!

It is 2013, and I am out and about. As the crowded Paradiso bus grinds to a stop, I sigh with relief. The 15 minutes transit from Ronald Ngala Street has been an unforgettable, everlasting ordeal! Inside, the bus is like an oven, stuffy with

Beyond Imperfections

Have you ever felt like life has dealt you an unfair hand? Don’t worry, be happy! Believe me, you are in the good company of heroes and heroines of faith! As I ploughed through Genesis 30 in my devotions, I was intrigued by Jacob’s unenviable

The Music of Hope

Without the hope of Christ, doing life is like wooing a tune from a broken guitar! Hope brings out beautiful music amidst the brokenness we see all around. Now, those who know me well know that I am not a total disaster when it comes


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